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Jayna Patil
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Hello I am Bansi Patel a Nurse in Sanjivni Hospital Surat. I love to work with all my hospital staff and seniour doctors.
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456, Pragri flat, varacha road, Surat
Gujarat, India.

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Jayna Patil


(123) 456 7890




Completed my post graduation Master of Science in Nursing(MSN) from the well known and renowned institution of India – SARDAR PATEL NURSING COLLEGE, BARODA in 2000-01, which was affiliated to Gujarat University, Ahmedabad,India. I ranker in University exams from the same university from 1996-01.

Worked as Professor and Head of the department ; Community medicine Department at Sterline Hospital, Rajkot, Gujarat from 2003-2015

And I was lucky to train in a collegial environment where we called most of our attendings by their first names. If only doctors did it that way outside the Midwest. One of my attendings even made the argument that it is safer for patient care because it’s easier for subordinates to raise concerns when they’re not verbally kowtowing to their superior. I never respected a white-haired surgeon any less when I addressed him by his first name. In fact, I saw that in non-clinical science, it is commonplace for the most junior researchers to call the most celebrated senior scientists by their first names.

When I offer or recommend products, I do so because I have actively researched them and find they are the best in that category for your health. I ignore substandard products, and products not directly pertinent to your health, regardless of any potential financial upsid


  • M.S.N.,Gujarat University, Ahmedabad,India.
  • B.S.N.,Gujarat University, Ahmedabad, India.
  • A.S.D.,Shaurashtra University, Rajkot, India


  • One year nursing internship from April-2009 to march-2010 at B. J. Medical College, Ahmedabad.
  • I have worked as a part time Nursing in Apang manav mandal from 1st june 2004 to 31st jan 2005.
  • 2.5 Years Worked at Mahatma Gandhi General Hospital, Surendranagar.
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Bansi Patel 9:10 could you send me menu icons ?
Jacob Ryan 9:10 please give me 10 minutes.
Bansi Patel 9:11 ok fine :)
Jacob Ryan 9:22 Sorry for the delay. i sent mail to you. let me know if it is ok or not.
Bansi Patel 9:26 it is perfect! :)
Bansi Patel 9:26 Great! Thanks.
Jacob Ryan 9:27 it is my pleasure :)

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